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Career counselling

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is generally focussed on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Career counselling helps the Person to select a course of study that may help him/her to get into job.

A career counsellor helps person / candidates to get into a career that is suited to their personality, interest, skills, resources and temperament. Career Counselling is helpful for people of all ages and in different stages of life. It is helpful for school students, graduates and those wishing to make a mid-career change.

Process of Career Counselling

  1. Relationship Building

  2. Problem Assessment

  3. Goal setting

  4. Counselling Intervention

  5. Evaluation

Career counselling sessions

An in-depth consultation with an experienced counsellor to arrive at career options.

Information regarding relevant courses and institutes

A detailed report with Career Profile and Study Routes


During the career counselling session the counselor will assist you to

  • Discover your career options and map out a plan of action.

  • Know the traditional, contemporary and future careers.

  • Understand the world of work in terms of the roles and responsibilities, earnings and the nature of work.

  • Understand the growth trajectory, indicating how quickly one can grow in that field.

  • Make a wise confident decision to choose the RIGHT CAREER.

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Who is a Career Counsellor?

Your Career Counsellor holds a Masters / Doctorate degree in counselling and has expertise in career development theory, counselling techniques, administration and interpretation of assessments, and career information resources.

Your job search / career attainment process is also a critical aspect of your career development, and therefore, Job Search Advising and Career Counselling are intertwined. Your Career Counsellor is also fully trained to assist with all aspects of your job search.

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